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MSC. is a safety company that aims to promote safety in various areas of life, from home to the workplace. To achieve this, the company provides various trainings to its clients.These trainings are conducted by industry experts with experience in their respective fields, ensuring that participants receive quality and comprehensive training.


We at Modern Safety Consulatant provide IOSH course with Certificates.

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We at Modern Safety Consulatant provide OSHA course with Certificates.

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We provide all other safety courses with Certifications at MSC.

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We provide Tailored first aid training courses for individuals and organizations.

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MSC. Provides Fire Fighting Safety course for individual & Organizations

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MSC. Provides Fire Guard Safety course for individual & Organizations

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MSC. provides Work At Height safety training with certifications.

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Safe Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling Trainings is provided by MSC.

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Safe Rigging & Slinging Training is provided with Certifications by MSC.

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Work In Excavations Training is provided to Individuals & Organizations by MSC.

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Top Courses

Training Details

Modern Safety Consultant provides tailored first aid training courses for individuals and organizations. They offer Basic Life Support, First Aid at Work, and Pediatric First Aid courses taught by experienced trainers using modern techniques and equipment. Participants learn to handle medical emergencies and identify risks, enhancing overall workplace safety. These courses are important for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, making them an indispensable investment.

Modern Safety Consultant offers safety training for individuals and groups who work at heights. The program teaches both theory and practical skills like identifying hazards, using protective gear, rescue procedures, and preventing falls. Qualified instructors give the training either in person or online. The training meets safety standards and best practices, so there are fewer accidents and injuries. Those who finish the course successfully get a certificate, and Technicasafe provides constant support and refresher classes. This helps ensure everyone continues to follow the safety rules for job performance.

We have an extensive scaffolding training program that trains individuals to construct and dismantle scaffolding with safety in mind. The program covers basic principles and advanced topics such as load capacity and fall protection, using classroom-based theory and hands-on practical training, along with virtual reality and interactive simulations to enhance the learning experience. Upon completion of the program, participants are awarded a recognized certificate confirming their proficiency in scaffolding construction and safe operation, which can help improve their job prospects in the scaffolding industry. Modern Safety Consultant is a comprehensive and engaging scaffolding training experience for individuals seeking to work safely and efficiently in the construction field.

Modern Safety Consultant provides safety training courses on rigging and slinging for individuals and groups. Experienced instructors use both classroom lectures and hands-on demonstrations to teach crucial topics such as load capacity, slings selection, proper lifting techniques, and more. After completion, participants receive a recognized certificate, which enhances their credentials, allowing them to work confidently in industries such as construction, oil rigs, or manufacturing plants.

Modern Safety Consultant offers excavation training courses to ensure that workers are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to safely perform excavation work. These courses cover a range of topics including safety regulations, hazards associated with excavation work, safe equipment operation, and emergency procedures. The courses are designed to be interactive and hands-on, allowing participants to get practical experience in a controlled environment. Additionally, Technicasafe offers customized training programs that can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization or project. By investing in excavation training with Modern Safety Consultant, companies can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities on job sites, increase productivity, and demonstrate a commitment to safety that can lead to improved business outcomes.